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With our product, we offer the flexibility and focus on growth that allows us to
satisfy the needs of every partner. By taking into consideration your feedback
and requests, we develop a comprehensive and competitive product.


Megafeed’s Live Scouting Data provides you with comprehensive real-time data for the most popular live sporting events around the world, such as football, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey and more. If we aren’t currently offering a sport or match that you want to include in your plan, our vast project team allows us to develop and integrate your needs on request.
This data can be applied to benefit your company in countless ways, linking any of your products to a database of reliable and immediate first-hand information. This information empowers your trading team to improve the quality of your live odds and create a multitude of unique markets, as well as supplementing event visualizations for your customers.
To deliver the best experience to our clients, we also provide live odds based on our live scouting data. Live odds are constantly updated and are available for all sports covered by Megafeed. Presented live odds are powered by our exclusive partner Betconstruct.


We are proud to not only offer the highest quality live scouting product on the market, but also the most competitively priced at just 6.5 EUR per match, giving customers of any size or strength the opportunity to improve their operation.


By integrating your backend with our JSON feed, your live trading will be automatically updated and managed, saving your trading team time and focus. Without the need to manually input new game events they receive from the feed, they can simply monitor the data streams and concentrate on ensuring the right odds. With an automated system, a single trader has the resources to effectively manage multiple matches simultaneously.


With our web-based client interface, you have quick and easy access to our database with just a browser and your log-in information. The design of the interface was developed according to feedback provided by many traders from clients around the world. It incorporates all the data a trader could want in the cleanest and concise manner, and a robust filter system enables them to efficiently focus on the information they require. The interface is also customizable to be tailor-fit to your particular needs.